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A passion for technology that started in 2006 by taking photos. Developed into learning code and how to program. Giving a kick to the Photography passion and educating in Photography and with the background and inspiration from my father, now educating to become Media Graphics Designer.

Currently attending Hansenberg Media Graphics with a dream of learning more and designing everything!


Several years of photography. Everything from Portrait to packshots to concert and press photography. With several work partners such as Bork, KFUM Spejderne and more.

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Media Graphics

In need of a new mug with your print on it or need a new design in general? I work with logo's, website designs and much more. With a simple yet advanced mindset so that everything is easy to figure out.

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Web-Integrator Educated with design on the side has made me able to do a simple yet advanced website which everyone can use and which still has a lot of functions

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The core for capturing amazing moments

Work cases


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