Frederik Kehlet
Photographer, Web coder / designer & Media Graphics Designer

My name is Frederik Dahl Kehlet, a 22 year old man with a great passion for Photography, PR, Press, Website Design & coding and last but not least, Media Graphics design.

I've got a giant passion for front-end design of websites and have taken the educaiton "Web-Integrator" whcih is coding of websites in HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery and JavaScript. Genereally, everything about a website, how it works, how to improve and such.
But I didn't stop there. So i decided to start learning Object Orientet PHP, SCSS and much more...
Since 2006, I've taken pictures on and off an always loved to look back at my pictures and relive the moment, a phrase I love and focus on when taking pictures. In 2018 i decided to take it the step further and start on the Photography Education in Viborg. Which is one of the best things I've ever done.

Fast forward a year, I've taken the Photography education's first 20 weeks, but at the end, fell a lot for the Media Graphics Designer Education. An education very close to my family. My dad is self a self employed Media Graphics Designer, so I've always seen, had the programs and had an eye for design and Media Graphics in general.

All of this to succeed to my dream, of becomming a self employed media graphics, photography, coding & design company.

What started as a small one time thing during a confirmation in 2006, ended up being something i use most of my time doing. But Photography is just one of many things i love. To design, create, code or capture and to express my design with userbility & simplicity. Thats my inspiration.


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